21st ITT 2015 Germany

21. ITT - International Transalp Meeting 2015

5/14 – 05/17/2015 in Auerbach / Vogtland

Welcome back to the ITT in Germany.

Six years after the International Transalp meeting in 2009 in Bischofsmais, friends and riders of the legendary Honda Transalp are back in Germany.

Traditionally the ITT will take place on the Ascension Day weekend from May 14 until May 17.  The ''Waldpark Grünheide'' in the beautiful Vogtland in the east of our country will open its doors for us exclusively.
For three days and nights we (Transalp-Freunde Deutschland e.V.) will organize an extensive program for you including different guided tours on beautiful and winding roads as well as varied events in the evening.

After a delicious breakfast you can join guided tours by experienced guides, explore the Vogtland or the Czech Republic on your own or you can use the facilities of the ''Waldpark Grünheide''.
When you will arrive back at the ''Waldpark Grünheide'' the obligatory ''Stiefelbier'' and of course other beverages will wait for you in our large tent (marquee). Every evening we will meet inside or outside of this tent, eat our dinner together or sit around a large bonfire where we can exchange stories of the day or about anything else you would like. Also one or two suprises will wait for you in our large tent.

There are three possibilities for a sleeping accommodation. The first one, which is the cheapest one, is to bring your own tent. Second and slightly upscale is to sleep in a summer bungalow. And the third option and slightly more comfortable is to sleep in a room with a shower/ WC on the floor or as the case may be in the room itself. Two people per room or Bungalow are planned but if you wish you can book a room with more than two people. Single rooms are limited.

ITT 2015 in Auerbach- we are looking forward to seeing you!


KiEZ Waldpark Grünheide - Child and youth recreation center in the Vogtland

The unique 18-acre area, surrounded by green forests, provides ideal conditions for school and class trips and more flexibility for trainings, Handicapped trips, seminars, conferences or sports and big events.

The KiEZ is a modern group accommodation and has 2 to 6 bed rooms, apartments and suites, family cottages, summer cottages and a campground.

With many sports and leisure facilities (indoor and outdoor) there will be no boredom!